Resonant x-ray diffraction study of the proximity effect on the Cu-based charge density wave in cuprate/manganite multilayers
Roxana Gaina1,2, Christopher W Nicholson1, Maxime Rumo1, Subhrangsu Sarkar1, Jarji Khmaladze1, Eugenio Paris3, Yi Tseng3, Wenliang Zhang3, Teguh C Asmara3, Daniel Nally3, Cinthia Piamonteze3, Eugen Weschke4, Thorsten Schmitt3, Claude Monney1, *Christian Bernhard1

With resonant elastic and inelastic x-ray scattering (REXS and RIXS) at the Cu-L3-edge we studied the Cu-based charge density wave (Cu-CDW) order in YBa2Cu3O7/Nd1-x(Ca1-ySry)xMnO3 multilayers that are grown with pulsed laser deposition (PLD) [1, 2].

We found that by varying the hole doping level of the manganite, x, we can strongly modify the Cu-CDW order in the YBCO layers. In particular, we observed large changes of the amplitude and correlation length, the in-plane wave vector, and even the orbital character of the Cu-CDW [3]. We also obtained evidence that these profound changes of the Cu-CDW are related to a modification of the interfacial charge transfer and the orbital reconstruction of the interfacial Cu-ions.

Finally, I will discuss how this Cu-CDW order affects the superconducting response of the YBa2Cu3O7 of such multilayers.

[1] E. Peret et al., Commun. Phys. 1, 45 (2018); [2] J. Khmaladze et al., Phys. Rev. Mat. 3, 084801 (2019); [3] R. Gaina et al., npj Quantum Mater.

Keywords: resonant x-ray scattering, complex oxide heterostructures, cuprate-manganite multilayer, charge density wave order