Magnetic properties of Hf(P, Se)2 single crystal grown by high-temperature solution method using CdSe flux
*Hijiri Kito1, Kenji Kawashima2, Shigeyuki Ishida1, Hiroshi Fujihisa1, Yoshito Gotoh1, Akira Iyo1, Hiraku Ogino1, Hiroshi Eisaki1, Yoshiyuki Yoshida1

In the previous study, single crystal for Zr(P, Se)2 and partial rare earth substitution (Zr, Ln)PSe (Ln=Y, Lu and Sc) in APX (A=Zr, Hf; S nad Se) system were obtained. [1, 2]

Single crystals of Hf(P, Se)2 were grown by high-temperature solution method using CdSe fluxes along with the mixture under high temperature and pressure for the first time. It was clarified that the melting temperature of the solid solution was lowered by adding a small amount of CdSe. Obtained Plate-like Hf(P, Se)2 crystal with approximate edge sizes of 180 × 180 × 20 μm3 was measured on electron probe microanalysis (Figure (b)). The orientations of the crystal surfaces of obtained crystal were confirmed using X-ray diffraction as seen in Figure (c). It is shown that the superconducting transition temperature (Tc) for Hf(P, Se)2 was 5.36 K. In this presentation, the magnetic properties for Hf(P2-xSex) is discussed.

Fig.(a) The crystal structure for PbFCl-type AP2-xXx (A=Zr, Hf; X=S, Se).
Fig.(b) SEM image of the obtained typical HfP2-xSex crystal
Fig.(c) X-ray diffraction pattern for the obtained HfP2-xSex crystal.
[1] H. Kitô et al. J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 1054 (2018) 012003.
[2] H. Kitô et al. THERMEC 2021 (Materials Science Forum Vol. 1016) p.708 ~ p.714.

Keywords: Single crystal Growth, Mixed anion superconductor, HfP2-xSex