Spin-orbit coupling effect on spin transfer torque in Josephson junctions with ferromagnetic superconductor reservoirs
*Zahra Shomali1, Zhina Adhami1

The spin transfer torque in a ballistic Josephson junction ferromagnetic superconductor (FS1)/short Normal metal (N)/FS2 has been investigated. Here, FSs are considered to be triplet chiral p-wave ferromagnetic superconductors. The spin orbit interaction (SOI) at the FS1/N boundary is introduced. Research on spin-transfer-induced domain wall motion has been highly studied since the beginning of the 21st-century. The coupling between itinerant carriers and collective magnetic order parameters existed in STT, makes it as the remarkable candidate for the usage in magnetic random access memories and oscillator circuits. Although there exist various theoretical and experimental research investigating the STT in ferromagnetic (F) spin-valve and domain structures, nowadays, there have been studies devoted to the STT in structures including superconducting parts. Due to the importance of these parameters, in the present study, the effect of SOI on the spin transfer torque (STT) and also the Josephson current, has been investigated.

Keywords: Spin Transfer Torque, Josephson junction , Ferromagnetic superconductor, Spin Orbit Interaction