High Power Superconducting Wind Generator

Nov. 29 10:00-10:30

David Torrey1, *Michael Parizh1, Jim Bray1, Dhanush Mariappan1, Wolfgang Stautner1, Minfeng Xu1, Anbo Wu1, Ye Bai1
General Electric1

The presentation discusses high-power superconducting wind generator that is being built at General Electric1). The generator uses LTS (low temperature superconducting) field coils to create a minimum of 2 T magnetic field in the air gap. The generator is substantially lighter, more compact, and cost effective than other compared approaches. The generator promises significant cost and performance improvements versus conventional wind generators that are utilize permanent magnets. Major design decisions, trade-offs, options, conductor requirements, and electromagnetic features such as quench protection and cryogenic support options are discussed.

1) Sponsored in part by USA Department of Energy under contract DE-EE0008787

Keywords: wind generator, low temperature superconductor, rotating machinery