A Full-wave HTS Transformer-Rectifier Using Jc(B) Switching: Modelling and Experiments

Dec. 1 16:10-16:30

*James H.P. Rice1, Dominic A. Moseley1, Heng Zhang2, Alexander Petrov2, Steven Wray2, Rodney A. Badcock1
Victoria University of Wellington1
UK Atomic Energy Authority2

High-field superconducting magnets made possible by advances in commercial High-temperature Superconductor (HTS) production are of interest in a range of applications. These include magnetically-confined thermonuclear fusion, high-power electric motors, medical resonance imaging, and other diagnostic applications. Such magnets can be energized efficiently using flux pumps. Flux pumps are high-current superconducting power supplies for energizing inductive loads. Transformer-rectifier flux pumps benefit from smaller input currents to reduce cryogenic heat load requirements and can charge and maintain large currents in superconducting magnets. This makes transformer-rectifier flux pumps desirable to reduce the size, cost, and cryogenic footprint of high-field magnet applications.
Here, we report on a new HTS flux pump using a full-wave, centre-tap transformer-rectifier circuit topology, rectified utilizing applied DC magnetic field switches. Experimental results are reported and compared to a numeric, electrical model. We then present physical interpretations of these results in the context of achieving higher currents.