Status and Prospects for Superconducting Power Systems

Nov. 29 15:20-15:50

*Tabea Arndt1
KIT-Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, ITEP-Institute for Technical Physics1

Superconducting Power Systems and several HTS-based devices have reached a high level of maturity (TRL). Presently, there are local and global trends challenging the existing systems and devices.
The worldwide Helium-shortage together with the reduced number of suppliers for superconducting wires and devices generates new opportunities for HTS-based devices.
The Energy Transition requires a reinforcement and modification of existing electric power grids.
The tough energy supply situation in Europe even tightens the challenges.
The pressure induced by the climate change to quickly move into the direction of more sustainable mobility is still increasing.

In this contribution we describe the needs of the German electric power grid and how HTS devices like Fault-Current-Limiters and Power-Transmission-Lines may contribute to a solution.
The opportunity of having vehicles using liquid hydrogen as a fuel -which might be a 'natural habitat for HTS'- opens up new prospects for HTS in propulsion systems of (large) vehicles.
We will report on some activities in selected German projects.