Removal of martensitic transformation SUS304 fine particles by a high gradient magnetic separation under dry condition

Dec. 1 11:30-11:50

Haozhou Chen1, *Youtian Yang1, Osuke Miura1
Electrical Engineering And Computer Science, Graduate School Of Systems Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan1

The interfusion of impurities such as metallic wear debris has been one of the problems in the manufacturing process of foods, medicines, and industrial products. Such debris originates with wearing of stainless-steel pipe joints or mechanical moving parts. Since the debris shows the ferromagnetic property by undergoing strain-induced martensitic transformation, the magnetic separation system is much efficient to remove such debris from raw materials. In order to study magnetic separation properties for martensitic transformed materials as foreign matter, we have produced martensitic transformed materials with different magnetization by heat-treating SUS304 power at various temperatures in vacuum, and conducted magnetic separation experiments using a multilayer magnetic filter under dry condition. The magnetic separation experiments and 3D FEM particle trajectory simulation show that martensitic transformation SUS304 fine particles were possible to be collected at high speed of more than 0.1 m/s by a high gradient superconducting magnetic filter even in low magnetic fields under 1 T.

Keywords: HGMS, stainless-steel, martensitic transformation, magnetic filter