Study of fast single photon superconductive detector (SPSD) with Iridium/Gold bilayer at 0.1 K

Nov. 29 17:55-18:10

*Edvige Celasco1,2, Lorenzo Ferrari Barusso1,2, Giovanni Gallucci2, Daniele Grosso1,2, Pietro Manfrinetti1, Luca Repetto1, Marine Schott1, Kifayat Niazi1, Favio Gatti1,2
Physics Dept University of Genoa1
Infn Genoa2

Driven by studies on quantum cryptography and nuclear decays, we developed an iridium-based single-photon superconducting detector as a fast detector for operation in the 0.1 K environment.
Due to the peculiar characteristics of iridium thin film, which has a Tc of 120-150 mK and resistivity to electron mean free path product that makes it suitable for low resistivity nanowires, we fabricated and studied SPSD samples in two types of geometries: small squares and high aspect ratio nanowires.
According to the detector models, measurements of electron-phonon coupling in metallic iridium are a key parameter to be studied to accelerate the detectors.
A systematic series of measurements with different sizes and geometries of electron-phonon conductivity is underway.
We present here the measurements, methodology and models, and preliminary results available.

Keywords: Transition Edge Sensor, Superconductivity, Single photon