Research and development of teraherz receivers in China

Nov. 30 10:25-10:50

*Jian Chen1,2, Lili Shi1, Runfeng Su1, Xuecou Tu1,2,4, Jing Li3, Jingbo Wu1,2, Shengcai Shi3, Peiheng Wu1,2,4
Nanjing University1
Purple Mountain Laboratories2
Purple Mountain Obvervatory3
Hefei Nantional Laboratory4

Recent progresses of terahertz (THz) receivers in China, are reported in this talk. The convenience THz reciever at room-temperature (RT) and high-sensetive superconducting THz recievers at low-temperature are desiged, fabricated and characterized. Nb_5N_6 microbolometer arrays with noise equivalent power (NEP) of 1.7×10^-11 W/Hz^0.5 and 64×64 pixels at 0.65 THz and RT have been constructed. Superconducting hot electron bolometer mixers with noise temperature of better than 8 times of quantum limitation have been obtained at several operating frequencies and 4.2 K. A superconducting hybrid NbTiN-Al kinetic inductance detector with NEP of about 2.6×10^-18 W/Hz^0.5 for phase readout at 4.3 THz and 200 mK has been characterized. Other THz detectors will been discussed also.

Keywords: Terahertz reciever, Microbolometer array, Hot electron bolometer mixer, Kinetic inductance detector