Recent progress on 2G HTS tape development at Shanghai Superconductor Technology

Nov. 29 17:30-17:55

*Yue Zhao1,2, Guangyu Jiang1, Yue Wu2, Chunsheng Chen1, Chunjiang Guo2, Jiamin Zhu1,2
Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai, 201203, People’s Republic of China1
School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 200240 Shanghai, People’s Republic of China2

Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (SST) is a high-tech enterprise developing 2G HTS tapes. After R&D on both process optimization and deposition-equipment manufacturing, km-class 2G HTS tapes have been fabricated and supplied commercially. An advanced pulse laser deposition system was developed to fabricate high performance REBCO layers. A transient liquid was formed and assisted epitaxial growth of REBCO film, which lead to the growth rate up to 100 nm/s. An average Ic value greater than 800 A/cm at 77 K, s.f. has been achieved on the tapes with high homogeneity. By modulating the composition and microstructure at nano-scale, in-field performance of Ic exceeds 430 A/4mm-width at 4.2 K, 18 T due to the introduction of mixed defect landscape. Moreover, we developed advanced post-processing techniques (lamination and laser slitting) in order to enhance the mechanical (and/or electro-mechanical) properties of the tapes in practical applications. Several typical application cases based on using our products are also briefly mentioned, demonstrating the excellent performance of our 2G HTS tapes for a large variety of potential applications. Last but not least, SST will also take the opportunity to provide an update on its latest fundraising, and its work progress towards a 3000 km/yr production capacity target.

Keywords: 2G-HTS tapes, in-field performance, high-field magnet applications, lamination