Improvment of thickness uniformity of supercondcting wire using gradient depisition method

Nov. 30 12:00-12:15

*Gwantae Kim1, Insung Park1, Jungtae Kim1, Hosup Kim1, Hongsoo Ha1, Jaehun Lee2
Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute(Korea)1
SuNAM Co. Ltd.(Korea)2

Recently, various high temperature superconducting(HTS) magnets have been developed using a no-insulation technology capable of preventing the quench phenomenon that is one of the major problems of the superconducting magnets. In order to develop a superconducting magnet application using the second-generation(2G) HTS wire, the uniformity of critical current and thickness to the longitudinal direction of 2G HTS wires is very important. Because the non-uniformity of the thickness occurs during wire manufacturing process, it is difficult to accurately control the coil winding and performance by using the 2G HTS wires. In this paper, in order to improve the longitudinal thickness non-uniformity of the 2G HTS wire, first of all, gradient deposition method was used to regulate the total thickness to the width direction of 2G HTS wire. A special designed shield was developed and installed between the target and 2G HTS wire in sputter system for gradient depositing stabilizer. The thickness of deposited stabilizer and total thickness to the width direction were measured to compare the variation of thickness uniformity of 2G wire before and after deposition. It is confirmed that the sputtering process using the gradient shield can improve the thickness uniformity of 2G HTS wires to the width direction.

Keywords: HTS wire, Superconducting magnet, Thickness, Gradient deposition