The magnetic levitation of superconducting bulk magnet stacked with HTS tapes

Dec. 1 11:45-12:00

*Insung Park1, Gwantae Kim1, Jeongtae Kim1, Kyeongdeok Kim2, Kideok Sim2, Hongsoo Ha1
Cryogenic Apparatus Research Center, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Korea1
R&D center, SuperGenics Co., Ltd, Korea2

Advanced transfer systems have been needed for high-tech industries such as bio, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, etc. that are possible to improve the production yield and get rid of failure by keeping down the dust and vibration during the operation process. To solve this problem, a high-clean, non-contact transfer system has been proposed, but commercialization has been delayed due to lack of levitation force and difficulty in transport control.
In this study, in order to achieve higher levitation force, superconducting bulk magnets fabricated by stacking high temperature superconductor (HTS) coated conductors (CCs) are used instead of the conventional sintered HTS bulk. Because superconducting bulk magnets stacked with HTS CCs have various advantages, such as relatively high and homogeneous levitation performance by using HTS CCs with high critical current density, high mechanical properties by alternative stacking structure with a metal substrate and ceramic superconducting layer, etc.
Details will be presented for the discussion including (1) stacking technology, (2) levitation force measurement, and (3) trapped magnetic field distribution of superconducting bulk magnets.

Keywords: HTS CCs, Bulk magnet, Stacking technology, Levitation force