Large bulk superconductors – is jointing the solution?

Dec. 1 16:00-16:25

Jasmin Congreve1, Hua Shi1, Tayebeh Mousavi2, Zilin Gao2, Chris Bumby3, Tony Dennis1, Harry Druiff1, David Cardwell1, Susannah Speller2, John Durrell1
University of Cambridge1
University of Oxford2
Victoria University of Wellington3

TSMG bulk superconductors have the singular advantage over conventional permanent magnet material that the maximum trapped field scales linearly with sample diameter. Unfortunately, there are a number of challenges to growing large samples including the relatively slow growth rate and deterioration in texture, and thus critical current, far from the seed. As the potential range of applications of bulk superconductors as pseudo-permanent magnets increases the importance of being able to create larger samples has become progressively more apparent.

In the coated conductor area of research joints are now seen as a key technology. In this talk I will discuss the potential for superconducting joints in superconducting bulks. I will review work in this area since the inception of the field and discuss recent work carried out in this area by the Cambridge group and collaborators in jointing bulk superconductors.

Keywords: Jointing, Bulk Supercondutors, Cuprate