Enhancement of critical current densities by co-doping with Ce and Zr for Gd123 thin films fabricated by fluorine-free MOD method

Dec. 1 17:35-17:50

*Ryota Ishii1, Hayato Masuda1, Ryusuke Kita2, Osuke Miura1
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University1
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Shizuoka University2

We have fabricated Gd123 thin films with Ce and Zr added at the same time by the fluorine free metal organic deposition method. When different BMO3-type artificial pinning centers (APCs) are generated simultaneously, they considered to share the Ba used for APC growth. Therefore, it is expected that APCs size is more decreased. In this study, we selected Ce and Zr as doping elements, and fabricated three samples with the same amount of APCs added. As a result, the maximum pinning force density of the co-added sample was 1.6 times higher than that of the single BMO3 sample at 1T under77.3K.

Keywords: FF-MOD, Re123, APC co-dope